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Entertaining and informative shorts that explain the ins and outs of student finances at WWU.

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Paying for Walla Walla University

You can afford to be at WWU. Want to talk to someone about how to make this happen?
Email or call (509) 527-2315.

Is WWU affordable?

You can’t afford to miss a WWU education.

Four years here will save you money

Skip community college, come to WWU and save a bunch of money.
Yeah, it’s possible.

How to get a job

Job cannons aren’t real, but jobs are. We’ll help you find one.

11 facts about financing a WWU education

We’ve crunched some numbers. Turns out WWU is more affordable than you might think.

Financial Clearance 101

We’ll walk you through the process. Don’t worry, it’s not hard.
Have more questions about financial clearance? Email or call (509) 527-2315.

Step-by-step guide to completing financial clearance

Financial Clearance 101

Why procrastination could hurt you. A surprisingly non-preachy video.

A Christian education at WWU prepares you for more than a career. It shapes character, fosters faith, encourages a life of service, and makes you part of a the WWU family for life. You can't put a price tag on that. 

Why WWU is the right choice

There’s a lot of reasons WWU could be the place for you.
We’re so sure you’ll love it here, we want you to come visit. And we’ll cover the cost! Want to know more? Check out or call (509) 527-2091.

10 things we love about WWU

Everything we love about WWU, nothing we dislike. Find out why WWU is a great place to attend.

Our mission statement

Watch us aspire to inspire—a look at our values.

Giving back

When generous alumni give to support student aid, they’re investing in our students. They’re paying it forward and someday you can do the same for others. Pay it forward.

Part 1: A Tale of Giving—Bob Smith

Bob Smith’s take on the people who inspired generosity in his life and how he’s been able to pass that along in order to help others.

Part 2: A Tale of Giving—Generations of Generosity

Walla Walla University was built by the hands of people just like you. Their generosity has enabled our campus to grow and flourish and become a place where goodness and good people thrive.

Part 3: A Tale Giving—Erika Sanderson

A recent graduate discovers that you don’t have to wait to be rich in order to start giving back.